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by mercoledì, marzo 22, 2017

Finalmente a primavera chegou. Depois de um longo periodo de frio, cores escuras, de uma triste atmosfera, chegou a estaçao das flores e com ela o sol, as cores vivas e de consequencia mais felicidade. Com certeza os sorrisos serao mais intensos e as pessoas mais esplendentes. ----------------------------- Finalmente è arrivata la primavera. Dopo un lungo periodo ...


by mercoledì, novembre 9, 2016

Opposites attract, not only in love, but also in style. The best way to do not seem to have too mature look, but not too casual, it is to mix them and build the perfect mix where the protagonist is the difference. A very "British" checkered jacket, the Chanel-style shoes with pointed toes and contrasting ...


by martedì, ottobre 11, 2016

On a warm afternoon of September the sun is preparing to leave the scene and giving space to the moon, but not before giving its final hot kisses and envelop us in a massive and reassuring hug. For us in Europe climate framework begins to be ...